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About Us

About North Queensland Tours:

North Queensland Tours is about connecting people in the Townsville area to truly experience what our diverse region has to offer.  From Magnetic Island, to Ross River, to Castle Hill, we offer a local flavour with a unique landscape.  Providing information that’s right for every visitor is our goal.  Let us know what you want to do.  Whether it’s Arts and Culture, Adventure, Watersports, Sailing, Snorkeling, Camping, Site Seeing, Relaxing, History, Military, Rainforest, Fitness, Yoga, Swimming, Nature and Wildlife, or Bush Walking, we’d love to hear what you’re into, and we can use our 30 years here to point you in the right direction.  

You might not know what there is to do in North Queensland and if you don’t, come and see us.  We’re local, we know the spots to go, and we’re happy to help connect you so that booking is easy and you have an amazing time.

Come along, say hello, check out the tours we have available and book them through us.

 Alicia & Josh - North Queensland Tours

About me, Alicia:

I took the plunge to leave my 9am to 5pm job in the corporate world.  I found every weekend was being spent with my husband, Josh, doing what we love; camping, exploring new places, and finding different activities to do.  With every trip we’d realise how much there is to do around Townsville, North Queensland.

I know all the spots to tell you about.  Some of my favourite locations include Toomulla Beach for camping, Magnetic Island for relaxing, and Crystal Creek for swimming and soaking up nature.  I love doing what I do because adventure and enriching experiences is my passion.  

Book tours with us here.  

Experience what Townsville has to offer!